Healing with HeART 


Learn how to create a space you wish to hold with love rather than control, intuitively trusting that your frequency and intention will align with integrity for your highest good. Creativity can help to develop and trust your inner voice. It is your birthright. We are all born natural artists. Every child creates with enthusiastic wonder. Crista believes in unlocking the creativity within each and every one of us. Whether you're a professional looking for inspiration and a new creative process, a student hoping to learn about art as a healing modality, or think that you have no creative talent at all, Crista is here to welcome you into the fold.


The Healing with HeART workshop is designed as an Intuitive Painting course. Healing is not the same as curing. You can cure without healing, and you can heal without curing. Curing means eliminating all evidence of disease, while healing is the process of making or becoming whole, sound or healthy again.


There is evidence that engagement with artistic activities can enhance your mood, emotions, and other psychological states while reducing symptoms like stress and depression.


You will be taught the intuitive painting process and guided into a creative visualization to release the inner critic before painting. If you are open to it, when feeling stuck in the creative process, Crista will channel Reiki, which inspires by activating the relaxation response and helps the body to balance itself from a very deep level. It is important to work on the painting for 2-3 hours, but mostly until the process feels complete to you. You will learn how to incorporate the practice at home for deep self-soothing and be shown how it can benefit your life moving forward. Trusting your inner voice can transform your life in beautiful ways. Physical exercise primes our brains for heightened creativity. If you're up to it, we can take a brisk walk to the beach and back before diving deep into the painting. 

NO ART EXPERIENCE IS NEEDED. This is a 1-4 person experience that can last 3-5 hrs. It’s best to plan downtime after the session to integrate the learnings fully.



Please understand that Crista Broesler is not a licensed mental or physical specialist and her website, classes and offerings were created for education purposes and are not intended to cure, treat or diagnose. Her services and offerings are in addition to professional support.

Reiki is more commonly used in healthcare today and is included as a complement to—never as a substitute for—patients’ regular medical treatment and medications. Reiki supports the body’s natural healing abilities. This is an important point to remember. Crista Broesler successfully completed the required course of study for Reiki Levels I, II & III and has therefore been certified as a Reiki Master since 2018.